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page title 'design for the web'
page title 'design for the web'

welcome to ''

This site page was our main page for the year 2005/2006 - kept here as archive ;)

Please feel free to get in touch ;)
email Prisca @ graphiceyedea

notes to my students

— 5/6/06 —

..for the last stretch?! - Hope you all had a productive half term and are ready for the last push to finish by the EOY show ;)
Just uploaded some new bits to the php site - have a look and I hope you'll find it helpful in case you are planning these into your portfolio page:
contact form
random image display

— 22/5/06 —

seo considerations
while working on your portfolio site - keep in mind what you can do to optimise your set up for the search engines - have a look at the various links on delicious:
popular links on

— 19/5/06 —

portfolio development
for next wednesday
group discussion handout
As time's runningout on us fast - let's do some brainstorming together... while you're putting together some material for the discussion - keep in mind the following aspects:

— 14/5/06 —

firefox campaigns...

just to laugh at the madness that is IE - looks like we're not the only ones struggling...

— 8/5/06 —

form elements

time to look at forms :)
ready for your next PHP session :)

— 5/5/06 —

practice makes perfect ;)
just to remind you about the link John gave us for his notes:
Introduction to PHP (session 1)
To play around with some includes and so on - remember that John set up a complete folder structure for you which you can upload to using the Upload Utility. You need to make sure that you are doing this in your own folder though - just to remind you, have a look at the snapshot below :)

reminder about php uploader from John Wallett

server news — domains set up and ready
Eileen — client: Sarah Stuart (ceramicist)

— 3/5/06 —

getting started with PHP

after your first session with the lovely John Wallett you might want to do some reading up >>> new links added to our scripts page...

server news — domains set up and ready
Alex — client: Mike Griffiths (artist)

embedding flash into html
You can use one of the 2 methods to embed your SWF files into your webpages - and position the flash content by assigning it a <div> </div> tag and using CSS as usual to control its appearance within the window.
code for flash embedding

— 24/4/06 —

getting your client sites uploaded
as you are working on your client sites - you will need to get yourself a FTP program to upload any holding page images, client previews and finally the finished site. There are lots of programs to choose from - most have a common interface and functionality.
Below are links for 2 free programs you could try.

cyberduckFTP - application icon CYBERDUCK

(GNU General Public License)
core - application icon CORE FTP

free version:
Core FTP Lite

Have a look at these step-by-step instructions, they were written for CuteFTP (PC) but most FTP programs are quite similar - so these notes might be useful anyway:
uploading with CuteFTP.
If you get stuck with anything or need more help with the uploading - please feel free to email me :)

server news — domains set up and ready
just to keep you posted - I have set up the first client domains and emails, please email me with all details if yours is not set up yet.
And there is some work up already - well done to Daiva for getting her site up already :) and to Ayesha and Esther for their holding page - keep up the great work :)
Ayesha — client: "organising genius", River Sweeney (life coach)
Daiva — client: "" (charity)
Esther — client: Ross Hansen (artist)
Jayne — client: John Fox (sculptor)

site re-designs
Two of our client briefs are the updates and re-designs of existing websites - currently showing their old state.
Karim — client: Zak Peric (lecturer / illustrator)
David — client: Nick Fusco (lecturer / 3D artist)

Make sure to keep notes and write yourself out a brief to keep track of your client's requirements and feedback:
project brief template

— 18/3/06 —

webdesign podcast
to quote the site: So you are responsible for your organisation's web site. This blog and podcast aims to provide news and advice on web design and management without overwhelming you with techno babble!...

Check out the podcast - you can download the different chapters by topic and have a listen on your iPod or any MP3 player...

— 12/3/06 —

this months there are a number of different events organised by NODE.L - thanks to Sonia for pointing this out ;)

to quote the site: "NODE.London [Networked, Open, Distributed, Events. London] is committed to building the infrastructure and raising the visibility of media arts practice in London. Working on an open, collaborative basis, NODE.London will culminate, in its first year, in a month long season of media arts projects across London in March 2006."

NODE.London NODE.London

— 24/2/06 —

any more work ready to go online?
the new sections for your logo designs and flash animations are ready ;) already featuring the first pieces from Daiva — just awaiting new submissions, everyone ;)

— 17/2/06 —

let's share.... ;)
you might have already heard of this site — — a free service which allows you to save your favourites online - easily accessible from anywhere. I have only recently started to use it and I thought it would be a very useful for all of us - to share any useful tutorials, interesting articles, inspiring sites.... and so on...

how it works
the process is simple: go to and sign up. You can then see your area and start saving your favourites as links online.
to save a link - click on "post" in the top menu and paste your chosen URL into the box. Once you click "save" - you will be asked to describe the site - this can be simply the name of the site as it will appear as this link's title on your page. On the same page you can create your own tags to organsie your collection of links into relevant categories. You can choose from popular tags other people are using already - or create your own. You also have the option of grouping categories together into bundles.
you can also download browser buttons for firefox which make this process even quicker and easier.

screenshot of of the header on the delicious site
to start off with - have a look at my favourites ;)

how we share
to share our links we simply need to exchange usernames - mine for example is "eyedea" - and use them in addition to any tags in the tag box in this format "for:username".
to see the link someone has sent you - click on "for" in the top menu.

— 11/2/06 —

screenshot of 'view page info' drop down menu which appears on right-click

just a little tip for studying websites ;)
when viewing pages in Firefox - you can take a look at the elements and other information by right-clicking and choosing 'view page info' from the drop down menu.

— 10/2/06 —

just a few more links for you...:
W3 Compliant Sites — promoting standard compliant sites — online magazine — "css thesis: sites, that's all" — css showcase archive

— 1/2/06 —

logo design project
to start experimenting - have a look at the ideas illustrated here:
logo design exercises
just in case you need to have another look at the brief:
logo design project — brief

a few links for you ;)
font foundry site offering some free fonts
vast collection of free fonts
site with a large collections of logos, including links to the designers

— 23/1/06 —

box model recap
as we all are having problems with the usual suspect of IE for PC - we should have another look at the box model hack from Tantek
box model hack —
remember we looked at this a while back - in case you need it again, here is the handout:
05 - css box model

alternative HTML editor for PC
2 of your fellow students (thanks Michaela and Miguel) - have suggested some different HTML editors for PC:
ultraedit — free demo — price $39.99 (about £22)
Crimson Editor — freeware

— 11/1/06 —

flash study
now that we've started with flash - time to have a look at what's out there...
so here's some homework for next monday 16/2/06 >
click here for PDF form

— 23/12/05 —

wishing you a great holiday
... and a very creative and productive new year...
after such a great beginning - I look forward to seeing your work evolve ;)
all the very, very best, good luck - inspiration - fun - CARPE DIEM !

— 18/12/05 —

sites online ;)
just uploaded your project sites - looking brilliant! I've set up 2 sections for "completed" and "in progress" sites. You will be "upgraded" once you've completed the site ;)

I have to say this just once more - really proud of you all! You've learnt a lot and produced some beautiful work ;) Curious to see what you'll create in the next year... Keep up the great work !

Feel free to email me any updates.

— 5/12/05 —

this week's reading
another article worth reading - the 'people' aspect is so easily forgotten - especially now in the middle of working on your projects while you are struggling with the technicalities ;)
“Power to the People” by D. Keith Robinson

— 15/11/05 —

feedback request — if anyone could spare me a sec...
I would appreciate it if you could go to my blog and leave some comments for me regarding the new 'creative computing' website

— 14/11/05 —

while you're working on your project - just another look at lists...
this article from the brilliant discusses several apsects of list styling using an unordered list.
“taming lists” by Mark Newhouse

— 10/11/05 —

now that you have your brief - and while you're thinking and planning and so on... ;)
have a look at the css gallery on this showcase site - lots and lots on links to CSS sites of different content and styles...

— 6/11/05 —

it's time...for your first full website ;)
Your brief is to create website on any subject of your choice - see details and requirements in brief.
I do realise you're all very keen to get your own page started — and keep on dreaming up ideas and planning...!!! But for now, you should focus on creating a custom site - with a neutral topic as it were. This will be a good practice run for any future work ;)
download project brief

— 31/10/05 —

hello people - hope you had a restful and productive half term break ;)

just a few links for backup ;)

colour theory handout

homepage and interface study - PDF form (use with Acrobat Professional!)

— 17/10/05 —

... still missing some thumbnail images for the gallery page... ! ! ! You know who you are ! ! !

As you are hopefully more or less ready to start work on your holding page - here are some images:

objects: artelectricalmechanical
textures: metal nature stone

all images courtesy of

— 6/10/05 —

first fan graphics online ;) in the gallery
if you haven't handed in your images yet - about time! Deadline is already gone...

... and just one more - your own image in the gallery - eventually linking to your personal section ;) As I mentioned last session - if you feel like changing this image at any point - simply email me the new version and I'll update it ;)
... I'm still missing 4 people....

— 22/09/05 —

induction notes
copy of the notes you receive during induction - just in case ;)

induction project - brief
create a graphic for this site's gallery - using the featured fan photograph.
download source file [original .psd file - ZIP 2.3MB]

this week's reading
read the 2 quoted articles from ALA
go to web news - article 4 & 5 ´on information architecture and web design´

HTML editor - for you PC people

about a suitable freeware HTML editor for PC ;)
Looking for some good HTML editors with Ayesha and Esther - we found one that looks quite good, with similar functions to TacoHTML - might be worth checking out ;)

correction of the previous ;) - I linked to wrong application, sorry everyone...
Thanks to Ayesha for letting me know ;)

Here is another option.... webdesign toy

course site 'design for the web'


web news
to keep us up to date with the latest developments - hoping you will contribute to this sections and send me any links you come across

anything to do with graphics - tutorials for Illustrator and Photoshop / ImageReady

tutorials, exercises and projects for XHTML and CSS

tutorials, exercises and projects for Flash

tutorials, exercises and projects for anything script related - actionscript, javascript and php

student gallery
your own online gallery - this section will show off your beautiful work as well as contain links to your own sites
hoping this section will grow continously over the year ;)

course info
information on our course as well as any course related paperwork

get in touch ;)

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