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page title 'design for the web'
page title 'design for the web'

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excellent resource site with news, resources, tutorials and forums
... and they are always there ;) great site to run to for help and support for anything flash ;)
get your questions answered - and feedback for your site...

  • another resource / community site for flash designers - grown into a huge site by now....
    very useful for newcomers - search for any topic and read articles or forum discussions, join the community to post your own questions and comment on other people's work - get involved ;)

  • resource and community site for flash designers: news, awards, source flas and more...
    !! be warned: a bit heavy loading on a landline connection :'(

  • Flash - News, Information and Resources
    resource site by Kirupa Chinnathambi with articles, tutorials and forums

  • online gallery and resource site, promotoing women working with flash:
    " is a resource and community site showcasing and promoting women who work with Macromedia Flash. Profiles and interviews with talented designers, artists, coders, animators and authors are featured as well as tutorials, book reviews, an experimental Gallery, Forums and much more."
  • flash sites